This is to inform all the parents that the school has a security guard for the dismissal
time. Please remember:
1) Security personal can assist the parents in parking if needed. Please listen to the security guard’s instruction(s) and cooperate with him.

2) In the parking lot, please park your vehicle backwards. This is a safety measure to ensure the safety of our children because backing up (reversing), especially after the dismissal time can put the walking/standing children in danger. Always stay vigilant, use extra caution near school and near pick-up drop-off locations for children.

3) Please receive your child personally by COMING OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE.

4) One Way Traffic Only: Please enter the school parking lot from Sycamore Street and leave from Stanislaus Street exit.

5) Arrive five to ten minutes earlier than the dismissal time so to park your vehicle properly as mentioned above.

6) Do not double-park when dropping-off or picking-up the children. Lineup behind the other vehicles. Also, do not reverse on the road due to safety concerns as mentioned above.
If you have any questions please feel free to call the school office. Please remember that these security and safety measures are designed for the safety of our children. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.