Kindergarten Supply List

  • 1 complete change of clothes which includes kameez, shalwar, socks, underwear to be used in case of emergency. Must replace if worn home.
  • 1 drawstring bag (to hold spare clothes, smock, and towel. Should not be larger than 15”x15”
  • 1 smock for Art (will be kept in school; an old shirt is best)
  • 6 large boxes of tissue
  • 1 box of Crayola Crayons only
  • 2 eraser
  • 1 pack of pencil(USA GOLD)
  • 1 glue stick & 1 liquid glue
  • 1 pack dry eraser marker
  • 4 folder
  • 2 composite notebook
  • 1 pack of Clorox disinfectant wipes
  • 1 disinfectant spray
  • 1 sets of marker
  • 1 pencil box/case
  • 2 bottle paint (different color) & 2 paint brush
  • 4 “ABC” tablets(writing tablet for manuscript practice
  • 2 soft soap
  • 3 Mead K-2 classroom primary journal notebook
  • 1 pair of sneaker to keep in school
  • 1 pair of slipper for school
  • 1 hard cover binder -1 inch

The following is a general list of supplies needed for the Kindergarten class at Darul Khalil Academy. Students may be asked to provide a limited amount of additional supplies from time to time, as well as replenish supplies throughout the year. All the supplies are shared and whatever is left at the end of the year will be used next year.

Please label everything sent to school with your child’s name.